Times are hard. Send a card.

Someone you know is out of work. Do them a favor. Ask your friends to re-elect the President so that he can keep creating the jobs (4.5 million, so far) that may hire your friend. Send everyone you know one of these postcards. Each promotes a different aspect of the President's Jobs Act, which is still being stone-walled in Congress.

The postcards come in packs of 20. Five cards each of four different messages that promote the American Jobs Act. Yours for a donation of $25 or more. Each dollar helps us produce more web video spots to re-elect the President.

If you listen closely you can hear Karl Rove laughing. That's OK. Even though we can't afford network TV, we will still reach millions on YouTube.

Share our ads with someone you care about.

Yes, one person can make a difference. Consider this: as you sit there at your computer, think about the hundreds of friends and family members, associates and folks you work with who are right there at your fingertips. Send them to YouTube to watch Obama Raps. They will get the laugh and the message. And maybe they will pass it on to those people they know.

Right now, that is the greatest thing you can do to help us. All it costs is a few moments of your time. Your effort will save the President as much as $30, trying to influence the same person you could influence for free. That's right. Every person you share a video with saves the President 30 bucks in advertising expenditures. (Sending Obama Raps to one hundred of your friends saves the President $3,000.) So, don't just sit there. Go to Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn and share something today. Thank you.

For companies who want to sponsor a campaign:

For those with larger networks, we encourage you to remind those people on your email list what the President has done for them during the past four years—and how much more there is to be done in the next four. And we want to make this as easy for you as possible.

If you represent a company (or are an individual with a large number of folks on your email list), let us design a campaign for you. For just $25,000 we will create a campaign for you or your company to sponsor, EXCLUSIVELY, that you can easily send out once a month to as many people as you'd like, until November 6th. That's right, your very own Presidential support campaign. If that idea rings your bell, just email us and we will hook you up. Sound like a plan?

Yes, I'm in. I want to make a difference.

There are two ways to make a donation below: online, via PayPal, or by mail via paper check.

All donations of $25 or more will receive a set of 20 campaign postcards designed to share our message with others. Thanks to you, we can and will get the message out there. Thanks to you, we can't stop. Won't stop.

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